The Kroc Center Chicago’s New Senior Officers

The Kroc Center Chicago’s New Senior Officers

Please welcome Majors Kendall and Katrina Mathews as the new senior officers of The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center. With 30 years in The Salvation Army, they bring to their new roles a wealth of experience and leadership to continue to serve the south side community.

Learning from their life experiences and bringing that wisdom to each appointment, Majors Kendall and Katrina have created holistic ministries. Their philosophy is to serve the whole person. An example of their holistic approach is the Upward Mobility Program that supports Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) beneficiaries in becoming part of a corps.

The Majors have also created a program for The Salvation Army corps exchange. The program brings Salvationists together to rid each other of the fear of being different.

As Majors Kendall and Katrina are approaching 30 years of service with The Salvation Army, they are proud of their work addressing societal problems through social programs.

The Majors will serve the Kroc Center Chicago Community by offering their experience and God given talents obtained through the years of education and training. The Majors aid those in need of human services, spiritual/social relief, educational development, and counseling, which has the power to impact and change lives from the inside out.

As the Majors stated, “we will continue to provide Worship, Witness and Wellness for our community- www.kroc.”

To find out more about Majors Kendall and Katrina Mathews click on the article links below.

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