Dear Kroc Family,

It is with the heaviest of heart that I have to share with you, Major Katrina Mathews was promoted to Glory at 10:58 this morning. And although this is not the outcome we prayed for, it’s not the miracle we hoped for, we believe God’s Word; and His Word tells us, that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. So, in the midst of our grief, we’re going to hold  fast and trust God knowing that Major Katrina is rejoicing in the Presence of God with the angels, and we know too that she was prepared, she was ready because she told all of us in attendance on last Wednesday (when we presented her with her flowers) when she sang her last song, in her angelic loud clear voice…”It is Well, It is Well with my Soul.”

Please continue to keep our entire family in prayer. We’re believing God for His Comfort and His Strength to take us through this as only He Can…

Major K. Kendall Mathews  

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