You are probably familiar with our Aquatics, Fitness and Sports programs happening at the Kroc Center because you see them every day when you walk into our building. ButĀ did you know our Academy of the Arts has some of the best art classes in the South Side of Chicago?

Well, indeed, the Kroc Center offers classes in the Arts field for people of all ages. What makes us unique is our holistic approach to how we see your preferences are and the options available for you. This means that although there are alternative options that focus exclusively in certain aspects of arts, we provide outstanding classes that are the right fit for you – all while you are already here at the Kroc Center! We offer classes in dance, drama, music and arts and more with the guidance of talented, trained and professional instructors.

Learn more about our art classes in the drop-down menu below.



The Kroc School of Dance (KSOD) is a tuition based program designed to meet the needs of aspiring dancers who are eager to explore their potential in the fine arts. Students will attend classes two evenings a week. Core dance class offerings will include Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop. Students will perform multiple times over the course of the semester.


Drama can be one of the most challenging types of fine art for many children due to the discomfort associated with performing before an audience. We make sure that all children and youth are instructed in ways that motivate them, challenge and inspire them more. Classes include Drama I & II, Dramatic Expression, and Musical Theater.


Our school of music is designed to develop vocal and instrument skills for aspiring musicians of all levels and ages. Classes include piano, guitar, and voice classes. Whether you are interesting in beginning a new passion for music or have been in the field for some years, there are many classes to explore in different schedule to accommodate your schedule.


Explore your creativity with the arts that will take your imagination to the next level. Learn how to draw, paint and the history of art. Classes are designed to ignite and complete a passion for this type of arts and help you learn the initial skills necessary to become the next Picasso!