RJ After School Adventures!

RJ’s After School Adventures provides a safe, nurturing and supportive after-school environment. The program provides educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. Some of these activities include:

– Fine ArtsTracieLee3

– Music & Dance

– Health & Wellness

– Homework

– Literacy

– Science & Computer Literacy

– Sports

It’s more than a daycare as we help develop the mind, body, and character of the children enrolled in RJ’s Adventures. With mentoring and character development, we care for the children and work to set them up for future success. Kids are divided into groups by age and grade and schools that have at least 5 students enrolled will have transportation provided for them after school. A typical day will go like this:

3-3:30pm Arrival/healthy Snack

3:30-4pm Homework

4-5pm Physical Activity/Sports

5-6pm Special Activity/Dismissal

Stop by the welcome desk for more information or to sign up.

Keeping Up with Kroc Camp!


Dear Parents,

This has been an exciting week at the Kroc Center! The Kroc center has been filled with sounds of children swimming, singing, dancing, playing, and having a great time! What a blessing!

As we move forward with Day Camp we wanted to share with you what you can expect for the next few weeks:

  • Starting on Monday, June 23 we would like all campers to wear their camp shirts every day.   Campers will be issued a second shirt free of charge and matching backpack on that day. Additional shirts may be purchased for $5.00 at the kiosk.
  •  Field trips
    • June 25, White Sox Game (Free)
    • July 2, Shedd Aquarium ($7, payable at Kiosk)
    • July 9, Field Museum (Free)
  • Auditions for the final show are next week. Please return your interest form or let your counselors know if you are interested.
  • Save the Date….August 7th, final show.


Finally, all campers who are not registered in after care should be picked up from the chapel no later than 3:15. Campers not picked up by 3:15 will be placed in after care and parents will be expected to pay for after care for that day.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mandisa Jones or Alexis Miller in the Education and Arts Department via email at Mandis_Jones@usc.salvationarmy.org, Alexis_Miller@usc.salvationarmy.org, or phone at 773-995-3241, 773-995-3305.



The Education and Arts team.

Kroc Center Summer Camp

The Kroc Center  Summer Camp provides youth ages 6-14 with supervised activities that provide an exciting summer, filled with tremendous summertime experiences with core values  that only the Kroc Center  Summer camp can offer. Our  summer program is designed to offer opportunities for young people to try new things, learn, and grow . Our camp program includes a variety of activities  in  sports, fine arts, stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)  swimming lessons, spiritual growth and field trips.


February Black History Month Celebration

More than 100 seniors dressed in their finest African-themed tunics, caftans, pant sets and head wraps gathered at The Salvation Army Kroc Center to celebrate Black History Month this past February. Guests enjoyed a down-home soul food buffet and entertainment designed to remember the struggles and celebrate the achievements of the African-American communities. Read More

A Life Transformed

Your doctor will sure tell you how important exercise is for a healthy lifestyle. Yet, very few of us start and commit to exercising daily. Call it laziness, lack of time, expensive gym fees, or just a lack of sense of urgency to exercise. Truth be told, we only change our habits when we our bodies can’t take it anymore.

That was Lulu Bellinger’s story. She was a bigger girl with unhealthy habits, but didn’t realize the extent of her situation until a routine doctor appointment. “Not only was I morbidly obese (400 lbs), but I also had high blood pressure, and looking at diabetes, and I wasn’t even 30!”, she says. 


On her way home from the appointment, Bellinger passed the new Ray and Joan Kroc Center and decided to check it out. Inside she found a community center unlike any other – a pool, performing art, athletics, and best of all – a fitness center! “Originally I was skeptical. I thought I would be limited and draw negative attention,” Bellinger said. “But I was greeted so warmly and the staff offered truly life-changing advice.”

Now, almost a year after she first walked into the Kroc Center, Bellinger has lost more than 120 pounds and gained a new outlook. “All it takes is an hour or two a few days a week – we spend more hours than that watching television.”

Exactly, all it takes is our willingness to doing something about our lives. Just as much as Lulu needed some encouragement from her doctor to lose weight and start a healthy lifestyle, so do you! Come and sign up to any of our programs and start a new life this year. We not only promise to be with you along the way but also care for your pocket with great deals on new memberships, affordable fees and even some scholarships available for families struggling financially.

Stop by in person or visit our membership page to learn more.

Your healthy lifestyle begins now!