Kroc Halo Effect Report – Chicago

Eleven years after Joan Kroc’s historic $1.5 billion bequest to The Salvation Army, 26 Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers are now open across the country, providing a variety of cultural, educational, fitness and social programs in neighborhoods that historically have lacked them.  Broadly, these centers provide facilities, programs, and services that encourage positive living, offer life-changing experiences for children and adults, strengthen families, and enrich the lives of seniors with the goal of uplifting individuals and benefiting communities in need.

statsIn a national study, The Economic Halo Effect, commissioned by The Salvation Army, researchers at Partners for Sacred Places (Partners) and McClanahan Associates, Inc., provide an analysis of the annualized economic impact of the Kroc Centers, including the Chicago Kroc Center. An overview of the findings of the economic halo effect of the Chicago Kroc Center are summarized below.

Kroc Centers are designed to adapt and respond to the needs and interests of the particular communities and cities in which they are located, providing a mix of services and opportunities designed to enhance struggling communities. No two centers share the exact same mix of programming or physical features, and each has a unique feel, focus, and way of operating. Broadly, Kroc Centers include two core components: 1) the corps religious congregation of The Salvation Army; and 2) the center, which offers a range of health, fitness, education, social, arts, outdoor space, and other programs and services. Centers are led by Salvation Army officers and staffed by a range of operations, program, and administrative experts who are not necessarily required to be members of the Army (Salvationists).

Kroc Centers offer membership to individuals and families who pay either annual or monthly membership fees. In some cases, centers provide discounted or entirely subsidized memberships for community members to ensure the center’s accessibility irrespective of income or ability to pay. Centers also offer day passes for individuals who do not wish to become members.

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Learn more about our programming below:

CHURCH – A welcoming church home with inter-generational ministries for the whole family. Sunday School 10AM | Worship Service 11AM

ACADEMY OF THE ARTS – With classes in dance, theatre, music, and visual arts, the Academy of the arts nurtures creative expression and gives people the opportunity to explore artistic avenues.

AQUATICS – Kroc Center Chicago Aquatics teaches swimming and diving skills, has a sanctioned swim club and teaches water safety. The facility has a college competion lap pool and indoor water park.

FAMILY LIFE & EDUCATION – The wide variety of enrichment and special interest classes, helps people Learn new talents and skills and improve their physical and mental well-being.

SENIOR CENTER – This is a great place for seniors with special events, social activities, field trips, and services to enrich the quality of life for older adults.

FITNESS – Members have the opportunity to enhance their physical health and participate in non-traditional physical activity. Certified personal trainers are available to give that extra motivation and guidance to help people reach their goals.

SPORTS & RECREATION – With leagues for all ages and pick-up games every day, Kroc Center Chicago has regular opportunities to play basketball,   soccer, flag football, volleyball, and baseball.